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Noah Houtmans
Web Developer

A propos de Noah

Meet Darrell Steward, the driving force behind Zylivo's innovative and user-centric design approach. As the UX/UI Design Lead, Darrell brings a wealth of experience and an unwavering passion for creating seamless and visually stunning digital experiences.

Plus qu'une passion :

Known for his meticulous eye for detail, Darrell believes that small design elements contribute to the overall success of a project.

  • Visionnaire créatif
  • Approche humaine
  • Attention méticuleuse aux détails
  • Partisan de l'innovation

Explore my skills

With a rich background in design and a keen understanding of user behavior, Darrell has played a pivotal role in shaping the digital narratives of numerous projects.

Web Design
AI Automations

Collaborative Style:

Known for his collaborative and communicative style, Darrell thrives on understanding client visions and transforming them.

  • Client Vision Integration: Darrell excels at understanding and incorporating client visions into the design process.
  • Cross-Functional Teamwork: As a collaborative leader, Darrell fosters communication and teamwork among cross-functional teams
  • Sleek Corporate Websites: Darrell has contributed to the creation of sleek and professional corporate websites.
  • Innovation and Creativity: Darrell approaches each project with a mindset of innovation, seeking creative solutions that push the boundaries.
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